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      2. Technology

        Large Format Encapsulation

        This paper will review the challenges on large format encapsulation with respect to the?control of mold cap thickness, and the encapsulant impact on moldability such as flow?mark on final product.

        Acknowledgement: This paper has been published in Volume 4, Number 1,?2016 of the Journal of Electrical Engineering.

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        FOW/PLP consortium

        The objective of the FOW/PLP?consortium is to develop low-cost?and high-throughput manufacturable?processes for FOW/PLP.

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        Advanced Packaging

        Yole interviewed Nelson Fan, VP (Business?Development of Advanced Packaging Technology) of?ASM Pacific Technology about the potential of panel?level packaging and ASMPT equipment offerings for?this business.

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        Active Mounts

        As in all precision machines, the accelerating mass of the stage introduces deformation and vibrations in the frames, negatively influencing attainable accuracy.

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        Matrix Grooving

        As metal layers are increasing in thickness, a single-pass single-row is not sufficient to achieve the required grooving depth. Matrix grooving allows to utilise the available laser power and converts the power into productivity increase while maintaining small HAZ.

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        Spot to lane (S2L)

        Automatic S2L ensure that the first lane processed on the wafer to be in the correct position. While Kerf check on the fly monitors the performance while processing, S2L ensures also the first lane on the wafer to be in the correct position.

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        Machine Concepts

        Our Platform

        The design of ALSI machine platform has been made with productive and accurate laser dicing of semiconductor wafers in mind. It incorporates over 12 years of experience in laser dicing of wafers originally at NXP (formerly Philips Semiconductor),...

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        Multibeam Process

        Compared to mechanical separation methods such as sawing or scribing, breaking laser dicing offers key advantages:

        • A smaller separation width.
        • ...

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